The cruiser, also knowned as a chopper, was designed for cruising, which is suitable for everyday use and compute due to its comfortability. It has a lower seat height and a leaned back riding position with mid-range handlebars. It usually contains small front fairing or none. Harley-Davidson is one of the popular brands where people will think of when they heard a cruiser or a chopper bike. They are more about looking and sounding good at low speeds than getting from A to B as fast as possible and getting your knee down in the corners. The plentiful low down torque also allows a more relaxed approached to gear changes. The bike is good for all-skill levels.


The street bike is an all-purpose functional bike, from touring to commuting. Hence, making the street bike a versatile bike. They have a relax riding position which is good for day-to-day riding due to its upright neutral riding position with low to mid-range handlebars. They have an average seat height and usually contains small front fairing or none. It is a great choice for new riders and all-skill levels.


Dirt bikes, also known as Off-road bikes, allow for passage in to muddy and rough terrains. They’re a little different from adventure bikes in the sense that they have taller seats and high suspension that can handle bumps along the way. They’re more heavily built and are for loftier goals than sport. They have neutral upright position with mid-range handlebars and usually contains small front fairing or none. Good and fun bike for all-skill levels.


The sport genre of motorcycles are meant for speed and agility. They are best for track riding or for racing purposes. The seat height is usually on the higher end to be able to lean the motorcycle farther without scraping foot pegs or fairings. They are equipped with complete fairing with a shorter windscreen to maximize aerodynamics. However, they have a forward riding position with low-range handlebars that will be uncomfortable over long period of riding. Hence, it is not really an ideal bike for day-to-day commute. This bike is suitable for riders that have intermediate or advance skills due to the speed.


Some may argue that a Scooter isn’t a real motorcycle, but they certainly can get you around in safety and style like their bigger siblings. Scooters are best suited for a metropolitan area that doesn’t incorporate highway speeds. They are lightweight and low to the ground which makes them easy to navigate through city streets without having to muscle them around all day. They have lower seat height and an upright neutral position with mid-range handlebars. They also usually contains small front fairing or none. This bike is a great choice for new riders and all-skill levels.